Horde Haters

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Welcome to the Horde Haters official Website. 

We are a Guild on the Molten-WoW server Stormstout.

We are an active social guild that does both  PVP and PVE.  We have been playing WoW many years and the founders have put forth a great deal of work to make this Guild happen. We are glad to welcome  you to our guild with open arms, come join us and show us why you are a Horde Hater!

Note if you are found to be taking items from the guild bank and selling them you will be kicked from the guild!!!

Guild Ranks--- 

Initiate- This rank is for any new member joining the guild that has not yet reached lvl 80. As an Initiate you will have access to one stk a day from the first two gb tabs and 5g a day in repair.

Member- All you have to do for member status is be a lvl 80. As a member you will have access to one stk from the first 5 gb tabs a day and 10g for repair.

Veteran- To become a vet you have to be in the guild for at least a couple of months, be very active and use vent. As a vet you will get access to 5 stks a day from the first 5 gb tabs and 100g a day in repairs.

Officer- You must be all of thee above plus very friendly, helpful, and patient. (We are not recruiting officers at this time)  

Founder- This rank if for the members of the guild that have been with us since the very beginning, and have put forth a great deal of work for the guild for years. No one will be recruited to this rank.

Queen B- It's simple I'm just that awesome.

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